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BVCJ is the business valuation and consulting service firm in Japan by licensed CPAs.

BVCJ brings transaction experience, professional judgment, independence and integrity to the valuation discipline.We provide full range valuation services, including valuation on closely held companies, stock acquisition rights, stock options and intangible assets in Japan.

We believe that people are the most critical factor in our consulting service. Selecting a certified business valuation resource such as licensed Japanese CPAs can make a significant difference for you or your clients. We also keep various professional relationships with attorneys, real estate appraisers and tax specialists in Japan to perform that service well.

Provide business valuation services from truly independent standpoint 

 Perform our services with latest research and study on corporate valuation 

 Offer advices on enhancement of enterprise value with integrity

Service Features

Reliable advise backed by rich experience in transaction advisory services
Ability to reflect real life M&A transactions of SMEs (small and middle-sized enterprises) in valuation, using information provided by Strike Co., Ltd.("Strike"), the operator of SMART™.
Ability to valuate stock acquisition rights, classified stocks, intangible assets, and other assets, based on the latest corporate valuation techniques and theories.
Offer high quality service with reasonable fees by minimizing overhead.

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Strike and SMART™

Strike Co., Ltd. is an M&A advisory company established in 1997, predominantly operated by CPAs. Since establishment, the company has contributed to more than 90 successful M&A transactions involving small and middle-sized enterprises ("SMEs").
SMART™ is an online M&A Rapid Trading System created and operated by Strike. As SMEs are less known than major public corporations, the most difficult part of an M&A for an SME is finding an M&A partner. SMART™ helps to meet M&A needs of managers of such SMEs. Information for more than 500 M&As is listed on the SMART™.

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We provide professional business valuation service in Japan with integrity and independence.

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